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About the Gotch SEO Academy Affiliate Program

Gotch SEO Academy is a complete SEO training program. First, it shows you how to do proper white hat SEO step-by-step. Then, it shows you how to make money from your SEO skills by creating niche websites or by getting more SEO clients.

Facts About the Program:

  • Our sales process converts both cold and warm traffic.
  • You will earn 50% of every sale

That means you'll make a $498 commission when someone pays in full ($997) and you'll make $582 when someone chooses a payment plan ($97x12). Average both out, you'll make $540 per sale.

Here's How Much You Could Earn:

  • Make 5 sales = $2,700 commission
  • Make 10 sales = $5,400 commission
  • Make 20 sales = $10,800 commission

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The absolute best way to promote the course is through your own experience with Gotch SEO Academy.


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