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About the Gotch SEO Academy Affiliate Program

Gotch SEO Academy is a complete SEO training program. First, it shows you how to do proper white hat SEO step-by-step. Then, it shows you how to make money from your SEO skills by creating niche websites or by getting more SEO clients.

Facts About the Program:

  • Gotch SEO Academy opens 1-2 times per year. The next official enrollment period starts on 1/7/2019 and ends on 1/11/2019.
  • Our sales process converts both cold and warm traffic.
  • You will earn 50% of every sale

That means you'll make a $498 commission when someone pays in full ($997) and you'll make $582 when someone chooses a payment plan ($97x12). Average both out, you'll make $540 per sale.

Here's How Much You Could Earn:

  • Make 5 sales = $2,700 commission
  • Make 10 sales = $5,400 commission
  • Make 20 sales = $10,800 commission

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The absolute best way to promote the course is through your own experience with Gotch SEO Academy. Outside of that, the most important days to promote your link are:

Day #1 - People are excited to join on this day.

Day #3 - Keep the offer on their mind. I recommend sharing results, positive experiences, etc on this day. 

Day #5 - Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) kicks in on day #5, which is the last day of enrollment.

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